Tsvetanka Marinova

Tsvetanka Marinova worked as a radist in Bulgarian Air Force and after that as meteorologist there. She is an artist which creates her paintings beyond foreseeable boundaries. Her paintings give us information and knowledge that bring enlightenment to each and every part of our soul. For them the form has different meaning. They represent direct energy connection to multidimensional virtual worlds and uncover the widest specter of the Universe.

Every triptych coming out of her hands consists of parts painted at different time, each signle piece being autonomous and at the same time the three blending perfectly together composing one meaningful integral whole.

You can see those fragments of time and space layers hinged together – astonishing pictures beyond time.

Tsvetanka is specialized also in creation of silk scarves and rugs for yoga or meditation, prepared with special care and charged with cosmic programs for success.

 Solo Exhibitions:

1997, 22 October-10 November, Cultural and Information Center of the Russian Embassy, Sofia
1998, 21 May-10 June, Museum of Earth and People, Sofia
2010, 8-26 December, Jenny gallery, Sofia

Join Exhibitions:

2003, 15-25 September, Perdurabo Art, Old Fire Station, London

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