When you are enveloped by solitude,
When your soul feels dark,
When there’s not a spark of light,
When you are all alone,
When it is dark even in the wide expanse,
Then you may join us.

Make a journey out of time and out of space,
Travel with your mind and your soul,
Travel with no shame and with no fear
of yourself, of your fellowmen and of the world,
Travel to the boundless dream.

Now that you have left the Earth,
And you are gaily greeted by the Moon,
While Venus blows to you  
a sweet and loving mother smile,  
while with legacy austere hails you Mars,
while Jupiter is frivolous and generous and flattering,
while Saturn watches you morosely,
but as a peevish, pure child,
and with godly hand caresses you Neptune,
by ocean storm of sensuality,
when Pluto and Uranus send
light and joy and smiles to you,
while the Sun laughs playfully at you,  
his every ray warming up your heart
transforming into love each tiny teardrop,
making place for light to burst in your soul,
compelling you to be yourself, to go on.
Now having taken sparks of warmth,  
your path shall weave into eternity.

But stop here and have a thought
about your readiness to carry on,
and if you do have strength enough,
set out to eternity with open heart.

And so goes on your journey
leaving planets after planets behind,
And all along does cosmos gift you
with energy infused in each of your minute atoms,
imbuing handfuls of beauty, harmony and health
which leave you breathless and confused.
Subconscious memories come rushing into your soul –
remembrances of past and far-off times.
And you feel so calm and happy –
the speed of time and your past experiences
merging into one.
And time does not exist –
no minutes, hours, days and weeks
to count out your earthly path.
Today is also nonexistent – as stressful and intense,
planned precisely to the seconds last,
as if the very sorrow has vanished out of sight.

You already know that you are not alone –
Eternity is your friend,
Giving you security, making you responsible,
bestowing you with faith in future time.

Music sounds in your soul at your journey –
unearthly sounds and colours
that you have never known and understood,
but synchronised with the rhythm of the Grail -
named after the Earth, maybe.

And then you stop short
caressed by a regal halo,
in peace and quiet unearthly and boundless,
but sensuous and somehow familiar.
Then comes love, love, which brings you back
to your earthly path,
and a light that leaves you breathless.

In reverence you bow and go asleep, 
a clear sound reverberating in your heart,
a joyful cry coming out your soul:
“Oh, God, it’s you!”

Then gentle words begin to sound
like streams of light in heaven,
comforting, soothing and blissful.

And you already know – God is in you.

His faith and love
bring you back to a reality
with no more loneliness.

This is where our cosmic journey ends.  

And you are here yet again,
the day shines brightly
for the faith and love that stay with you.
And if some day you are to loose them,   
welcome back to us again,  
But remember –
everything this Earth has to offer is yours –
the meaning, your path and the eternity,
the strength of future time –
they are all within you.  
And all you have to do is throw away the fear
and embrace the love,
illuminate the road at night
and bestow it all to our mother Earth.
And there will be no end –
over and over again you will be with us.

You have learned to be a light in darkness,
To ovecome the thunders and the storms,
To uphold yourself and be the conqueror of your life.

With cosmic greetings does our journey end.
Now that you are coming back
with fire kindled in your soul
the space is filled with sunshine,
you take your road in peace and calm,
and thus your earthly pathway is outlined.

So you are here among us,
You see the world with clear, cloudless eyes,
and you are strong enough to survive foever.

So blessed be you for ever and a day,
Let your soul be like a sky in spring.  
Through dark nights and bright days
may your thoughts flow like a crystal brook.  
Look upon the world with understanding 
And come with us into eternity divine.

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